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TAMID Group at UChicago

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Premier International Business RSO at UChicago


TAMID Group is a student-led consulting and investment RSO with 50+ U.S. chapters dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting and finance education to the next generation of business leaders. As an apolitical, areligious organisation, we provide our members with a uniquely experiential business education through directly connecting them with Israeli companies. 

The Fund manages a $50,000+ equity portfolio, led by students who analyze and pitch stocks to the national board. 


The Consulting sector provides pro-bono management consulting services to Israeli startups. Projects include product market analysis, business growth planning, and corporate strategy deliverables. 

New members complete a quarter-long comprehensive education program in their respective divisions. Members can apply to the TAMID Fellowship, an 8-week long opportunity to live and work in Tel Aviv, the start-up capital of the world. 


We provide pro-bono consulting for innovative international companies. Through these projects, members learn essential consulting skills in areas such as product design, business development, research, competitive analysis and US market entry strategies. 


The Fund researches and pitches stocks for Tamid's $50,000+ National equity portfolio. Through these pitches, students gain the experience of managing a portfolio and analyzing stocks.


TAMID members can apply to take part in an eight-week summer internship program in Tel Aviv. Students are given the opportunity to work with host companies while living in Israel. Only active TAMID members are eligible to apply for this program of a lifetime.